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    Prestige Kits

    Give me your ideas for prestige kit contents and maybe I'll add them. Format as such if you want me to take you seriously Prestige 1: - # Item - # Item - # Item - # Item etc
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    Scroll Scramble - Feedback, Suggestions, Discussion

    Please provide any feedback, suggestions or discussion on the new Scroll Scramble event here.
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    ... Can I go back to before?

    ... Can I go back to before?
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    Staff Response adding custom incense

    Something like this is already in the works :)
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    Accepted Legend Issues

    I suggest reporting to the pixelmon devs a suggestion of some kind of invulnerability for legends so that this does not happen. We have a strict no respawn policy as there is no way for us to determine if the legend died cause of one of those or if the player simply couldn't find it.
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    Pixelmon Ranks | Prestige | Custom Textures & more!

    ━ Rank Update ━ The long awaited Rank Update is now live on the server! This update brings a new condensed rank system that offers more commands, items and achievements for ranking up! We have removed a few of the playtime ranks that were a little empty in terms of perks while introducing the...
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    Rank Update Megathread - Bugs, Suggestions, Compliments, Etc.

    Not really a bug it's moreso just how the the menu works, if you just click the disable effects button it should resolve it and allow you to reapply them.
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    Rank Update Megathread - Bugs, Suggestions, Compliments, Etc.

    With a release of this size, there is likely to be bugs, suggestions, compliments, complaints, etc. If you find any, let us know below! Please keep everything on this thread related to things mentioned in the news post on Discord (Discord - TheNodeMC Rank Update).
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    Beta Day - Pirate Skyblock Bug Thread

    Any bugs, issues, complaints, suggestions or thoughts you have on the beta day server, post them here!
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    Rejected Vote party

    This is not a feature we plan to implement.
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    Staff Response Boosters

    I *might* know how to do this, I will experiment with it later.
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    Accepted Legend Alert

    So not quite what you are looking for, but the dev of our alert plugin has set it up so that it will say who the legend spawns on. So realistically when that happens people will likely ping the player in game, thus making an auditory sound.