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  1. Akaiis

    Shorten /checkspawns command

    Yes Im aware you can use the tab key to auto complete the command, but what if the command didnt need to be tabbed? What if it was something like /chl for checking leggys and /chb or /chu for checking beasts? Its super annoying when you tab for leggy and it tabs to someones username that starts...
  2. Akaiis

    Reverse spelf + remove the damn glass walls surrounding the spelf areas like wtf theres a nice pathway there and u dont let us access it??

    So basically spelf, but you are given levitation, and a shovel that insta breaks snow cuz it dont insta break when falling/floating (or find some other way to insta break the blocks if u cant do that like giving a high haste effect or replacing snow with slime). Players start on the roof of the...
  3. Akaiis

    New spelf pog

    With the inclusion of a redesigned spelf area, dis smol brain started thinking. What if upon joining spelf, the players could vote for what spelf arena they want to play before the round starts? Dunno if its even possible, but if this were to happen, then all staff admin+ need to do is yoink the...
  4. Akaiis

    M o a r boxes in pc

    Ok, I know 100 is a lot, but can we get 100 more? This might sound crazy, but Im not joking when I say I have ZERO empty pc boxes left out of my entire pc (well, I have 15 empty boxes, but those are strictly for catching pokemon during shiney boosters). I plan to collect more pokemon, so pls...
  5. Akaiis

    Rejected Trivia complaint

    Fekkin trivia questions pop up when ur not even playing trivia can there be a way to make it so when a player is in the trivia arena(s) the questions show up to the participants and not the whole fukkin universe pls if possible A potential way to do this could be in the same fashion the event...
  6. Akaiis

    Accepted I want more pc boxes

    50 isnt enuf I need moar
  7. Akaiis

    Staff Response Healers drop when broken with silk touch

    I mean COME ON. I just want to relocate the healer but the game really just said "f u". iofghwuog
  8. Akaiis

    Visit /warp greenshop if youre cool

    Alright here's the dealio: we have cool things like steak, thunder stones (sometimes), rare candies, other candies, auras, silver bottle caps, shiny pokēmon, ultra balls, experience bottles, EXP all's, and MORE (maybe). You wanna buy at least one of these items yes? Yes?? If yes then you're in...
  9. Akaiis

    Disable legendary pokemon spawns for afk players

    Ive commonly seen players get annoyed when a legendary spawns but then its not caught, most likely due to the player it spawned on being afk. Simple solution to this would be to disable the ability for legendary pokemon (and possibly shiny pokemon too?) to spawn when players are away from their...