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    Where is my sass face hoodie
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    Accepted PokeMiner Quest requirement adjustment.

    Great idea! I wonder who else thought of this. 🤔
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    Bind Items for Skills

    Bind Items for Skills Below are the skills and each item that you use to bind their respective skills (in alphabetical order). Acrobatics: Stick, feather, string, iron nugget, and slime ball. Animal Husbandry: Carrot, golden carrot, seeds, and string. Archery: Arrow and bow. Axemanship...
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    Wood Quests

    I suggest that you change the wood quests to correspond with the difficulty with getting them. Instead of having oak, birch, and acacia having the same required amount of wood as the other 3 easier trees to chop, change them to make the harder types of wood to obtain have much less required...
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    Pokémon Catching Event! (Saturday 9/25 1PM EST)

    Pokémon Catching Event! Hey everyone! I am planning on hosting an event this Saturday at 1PM EST for all players. Below are the rules and some information about the event! How you play: Everyone will be sent into an arena to catch Pokémon for a certain amount of time (will be based on how many...
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    [MEDIA] View:

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    Daycare Gems Box from Token Shop

    I like the idea, but you are also able to farm them from the battle tower. If you really need daycare gems this bad then you could go try out the battle tower. I agree and think there definitely be more ways to get daycare gems.
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    Parkour Race (like sonic games)

    Put this in event suggestions.
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    Shop sales ?

    They usually do sales around events or holidays. For example, we recently had a sale during the United States’ Independence Day and had a sale for Star Wars Day (May 4th).
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    Accepted Change Certain legends conditions

    I also think the kyogre part of your suggestion should not be changed but 100% agree with the jirachi part. I’ve tested the spawning of jirachi in a single player world and was only able to get jirachi once out of twelve forced legend spawns. This is absurd and should definitely be changed to...
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    Easier EV Feathers

    I understand what you are saying, but I really don't see the point in making another way to increase EVs. A training area specifically made to train for EVs was recently added which pretty much gives players free EVs. Adding this would be extra work for the Staff Team that they really don't need.
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    Legends for sale!

    Message me in-game or on discord (Miiilo#4573) if you are interested in buying any legends!
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    *Goomy noises*

    *Goomy noises*
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    Make endstone quests not unrewarding

    I never said to not value their opinions. I just think some opinions are of higher value because of their correlation to the suggestion. No point in continuing this argument because it would just be suppressed or, as you said, you’ll “revoke your access to make suggestions.” Wouldn’t that be not...
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    Make endstone quests not unrewarding

    I think it makes a little more sense to take the suggestions from the top two quest completers rather than 2 players with on and off activity since the release of quests. I feel we would know how the quest system works and how unrewarding and horribly long it takes to do some of these quests...
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    Make endstone quests not unrewarding

    I genuinely think they should look over all of the quests again. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but most of the quests are horrible and unrewarding.
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    Make endstone quests not unrewarding

    While they are at it might as well take a look at all the quests.
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    Pokémon Name Game!

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    Top Donators get Rewards

    My suggestion is to make a reward for the top donators of each month. This will give people a big incentive to donate to the server. Do I hear a “win-win”?
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    Getting Zacian and Zamazenta from legend crates

    Same with other legends like calyrex and hoopa