1. dewynose

    Staff Response Introduce a new channel in the Discord for trading/selling items and Pokémon

    [Pixelmon Server] As an Australian, I am often on at times that a lot of other players are not. I do not get to interact with a lot of the playerbase - and players with different timezones would also experience this. Because one of the biggest ways to make money or advance further in the server...
  2. NecroTheAwkward

    Ideas for Pokecontest Categories

    Farm Animals (Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, llamas, cats, dogs, horses, anything you'd see on a farm.) Pokemon that are Dancing (I.E. Galarian articuno, politoed, Mr. Mime, any poke who is moving to some sort of rhythm [aside from breathing.]) Lolita Pokemon (Pokemon with a japanese...
  3. ThanosUndertale

    Remove Beast Balls from the Vote and Reward Crates.

    As many people know, as of the 8.2 update, Beast Balls are now only used to help catch Ultra Beasts (something that most players just use a Master Ball on anyways) and to change the form of Celebi when caught. They used to be able to be used to summon Celebi, making them actually worthwhile to...
  4. ThanosUndertale

    Add additional eggs per day to the daycare shop.

    Right now, daycares can be set up either for breeding or leveling. Leveling's only limit is the time it takes for pokes to get exp, while breeding has a hard cap of 3 eggs per day. I think being able to buy items for coins or gems to increase that cap would make daycares set up for breeding a...
  5. Pr3d

    Pixelmon Nations Contest Winner | Top Voters | Events & more!

    ━ Nations Contest Winners ━ First off, I wanted to start off with wow, we love the builds that everyone was able to create for this contest! Seeing these nations grow from dirt shacks to prospering towns, kingdoms and villages over the span of the last month was fun to watch. After...
  6. Pr3d

    Pixelmon TheNodeMC Content Update V 1.0

    ━ Spawn ━ Congratulations heroes, you saved the Kingdom of Nodenia! As a show of gratitude, the citizens you saved have offered you their home to use as a base of operations as you continue on your journey. Spawn has been replaced with the rather large Kingdom and boasts a ton of new...