Give us Custom Texture Ideas - Rewards for Selected


We are working on implementing custom textured pokemon to the server. If you've got a cool idea/theme let us know! If we choose to implement your theme/pokemon we'll give you one of them for free!

Format -
  1. Theme:
  2. Potential Pokemon:


1. Theme: Mechanical Pokemon
@. Potential Pokemon: Tyranitar, Hygregion, Most starters, Drapion, Gengar, Spoink (I think that one would be funny), Magikarp / Gyarados, and Probs alot more that I can't think of. Oh and of course legends (could make them look old by making them out of brass of rusted if my idea is accepted) I have thought of some more Lol. Robo Groudon and Robo Kyorge came from Pokemon XD I included pictures below.

The idea came from Pokemon Black and White 2 with this pokemon.


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Theme: Minecraft (Kind of a 1-off gimmick theme, but I actually think it would be good)
Potential Pokemon:
- Stakataka: make him look like a dirt house with the grass top

Theme: Crystalline
Potential Pokemon
- Volcarona: I'm thinking light blue (or orange to stick with the fire type) crystal wings sort of similar to crystal onix, but maybe more transparent if possible, with a stone abdomen/head
- I used Volcarona as an example because I think the theme would work best there, but lots of pokes with wings or extrusions could have a similar effect: Bisharp, (Petrified) Trevenant, Sigilyph, Milotic, Solrock, (Geode) Forretress, etc.


  1. Theme: Shadow Pokemon
  2. Potential Pokemon: Literally any Pokemon. If you've ever played Gale of Darkness, you know what's coming. ;) Only these Shadows will actually LOOK like shadows! Not just the Aura and red eyes! :D

    Design: These Pokemon will look like Shadow Lugia. They'll be mostly a dark, dulled purple with their markings turned white. They'll then have red eyes. Let's say there's a Shadow Talonflame. The red head/spots would turn purple, the grey body would be white, and his tails could stay black.
    Nother good examle could be Decidueye. Wings become purple, white torso, his green hood either another shade of purple or a muted red.
1. Theme: Kaiju (Godzilla, Mothra, etc)
2. Potential Pokemon: Frosmoth, Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Mamoswine

Design: Based of the designs used from the different movies they have appeared in. The pokemon that is the closest in shape would be the base


I dont have any ideas but I have a related question; is it possible to implement custom shiney textures as well?


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Theme: Rock stars
Potential Pokes: Toxtricity any form, Lycanroc night form
Design: Leather jackets, ripped jeans, band t-shirts

Theme: Month Awarenesses
Explanation, just bc it might be confusing: Take Breast Cancer Awareness month and put the ribbon on the pokes in a smart place, like on their hip or chest or forehead
Possible pokes: honestly any poke

Theme: real animal patterns
Potential Pokes: any based on real animals, like Delcatty or Lillipup
Design: Take real dog, cat, lion, giraffe, etc patterns and apply them to pokemon so they look like normal-ish animals
Theme: Cel shading/Toon shading (Not sure how possible this is as i've never messed around with this art style but im guessing it wont be possible)
Pokes: Any
If you're unsure what cel shading is just look it up :p

Theme: Galaxy
Pokes: Palkia (as it controls space)

Theme: Clocks
Pokes: Dialga (as it controls time)
Design: Some sort of clock/time telling device over its body (idk i done palkia it felt right xD)

Theme: Wooden
Pokes: Grass types
Design: a sort of old worn oak design could look pretty decent

Theme: Technology
Pokes: any
Design: a black and glowing blue circuit board or black and glowing green :p

Theme: Molten
Pokes: Fire types
Design: Molten lava across their body mixed with parts of volcanic rock

Theme: Tsunami
Pokes: Water types
Design: Waves and such going across their bodies
Theme: Cotton candy
Potential pokemon: Wooloo, Mareep, Furfrou, Swirlix (Anything cute and fluffy)
Design: Two or more pastel colors you usually think about when you think cotton candy

(If it's possible at all)
Theme: Spinda patterns
Pokemon: Spinda
Design: Spinda get more patterns and each pattern have a different color to give it a bigger variation and make it easier to know which pattern you have gotten

Theme: Inverted colors
Potential pokemon: Any
Design: Just search inverted and you'll get a general idea


Theme: Virus Groudon (Maybe A Virus Theme)
Potential Pokemon: Groudon (Potentialy Other Legends Like Kyorge and Rayquaza)
Design: I included images (probs dificult to make the spikes into "tentacles", but I'd think make the black on ground darker and the lines glowing blue and making it's eyes a glowing orange would look amazing! (Also that partially melted mouth is creepy and I love it!)


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Theme: Galaxy/space
Potential pokemon: Rapidash, Ponyta, Wooloo, Swablu
Design: Wooloo would have galaxy wool, rapidash would have galaxy flammes, swablu galaxy wings, etc etc
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Theme: Pokeball
Possible Pokémon: Voltorb/Electrode
Design: A large array of different pokeball skins for Voltorb and Electrobe (great ball, ultra ball, master ball, dusk ball, love ball, etc)

While this is a theme working with a very specific pokémon, i think this would be extremely popular among the server. The rarity of the special form would change in turn with the rarity of the type of pokeball making each one a have a different value.
Theme: Rainbow
Potential Pokemon: Any
design: sorta like taking a main chunk of the pokemon and hydro dipping it rainbow

Theme: Mechagodzilla.
Potential Pokemon: Tyranitar.
design: Godzilla but metal EZ

Theme: International
Potential Pokemon: Rayquaza
design: Use the parts clear of the fins to put the seal of the country or just hand out a UN flag one for some event. Flag day is june 14th btw sooo.

Theme: Trophy
Potential Pokemon: Anything.
design: Basically turn pokemon into trophies by making them pure gold. Should be given out as a prize for winning something like the Crazy Construction and the tourney.

Theme: King Kong
Potential Pokemon: Darmanitan, Infernape, zarude
design: Turn them into big monke because thats cool.

Theme: Warship
Potential Pokemon: Genesect
design: turn genesect into a flying, walking, talking turret!

Theme: Hoverboard
Potential Pokemon: Genesect
design: Another genesect one this one I hope it lets you stand on instead of sit on genesect and turn it into a genuine hoverboard (High tech like)

Theme: Skin Stealer
Potential Pokemon: Runerigrus / maybe Cofagrigus
design: This basically implements something from the backrooms and Im thinking you use the plate on runerigus to put a skinstealer from the backrooms there.


Theme: Smiler
Potential Pokemon: Spiritomb
design: Imprint its face on spiritombs face and make the color of the gas black. What is a smiler?

Pretty disturbing so you could change it so there are no teeth and make it just a glowing smile that penetrates your soul yikes.
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Theme; Mariachi
Potential Pokemon; Jirachi, Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo, Hawlucha, Wynaut?/Wobbuffet

Pokemon that have the appearance of stereotypical Mariachi Band members! Nice and colorful, too!


  1. Theme: Duck Theme!!!
  2. Potential Pokemon: Porygon, Porygon-2, Porygon-z, Ducklett, Farfetch'd, Cramorant, Wooper, Quagsire, Wobbuffet, Cresselia, Azurill, Marill, Azumarill, Psyduck, Golduck, Torchic, and Jirachi (hehehehe):)type null also good duck


Theme; Sakura (or Pink leaves)
Potential Pokemon; Bellsprout/Weepinbell/Victreebel, Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium(?), Sceptile, Tropius, Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra, Leafeon, Shaymin, Snivy,Servine/Serperior, Pansage/Simisage, Skiddo/Gogoat(?), Rowlet/Dartrix/Decidueye

It becomes this broad when it's just "pink leaves". More fitting would probably be Sceptile, Tropius, and Turtwig's line.