Pixelmon TheNodeMC Content Update V 1.0

Pixelmon News: Spawn, Quests, Tokens, Drifter & more!

Spawn ━

Congratulations heroes, you saved the Kingdom of Nodenia! As a show of gratitude, the citizens you saved have offered you their home to use as a base of operations as you continue on your journey. Spawn has been replaced with the rather large Kingdom and boasts a ton of new amenities. Head to the town square to speak to a wide range of citizens who provide easy access to all the features our server has to offer. If you are in the mood to do some shopping head down to the market and browse the new and improved player shops and browse their wares! Or if you are in need to summon a few mythical beasts head down to the docks to hitch a ride to one of the local shrine islands.



Quests have come to TheNodeMC! Currently you have access to a rotating set of quests each day known as Daily Quests. Every night at midnight EST these quests will reroll, so be sure to get them done before then to claim your rewards.

Sometime within the next few weeks tiered quests will also be introduced on the server. Earn many unique rewards as you progress through different sets of quests by completing fun tasks.

Token Shop


Along with the new spawn, the Token Peddler has made his services available to you! Earn tokens through voting then spend them on luxurious goods, ranging from Pokemon modifiers, boosters, prefixes and more.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for fun new ways to earn even more tokens. If you have any suggestions for how we should implement more tokens then let us know down below!

The Drifter
The Drifter has setup in the town square! With him arriving there have been some changes made to dimension access. Now, any player can visit him to purchase a dimension pass to the various other worlds on the server.


Nether Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $8,000 - [Novice] rank and up pay $0 for their passes!

End Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $12,000 - [Prodigy] rank and up pay $0 for their passes

Ultra Pass - 1 Hour Time Limit - $20,000 - [Baron] rank and up pay $0 for their passes!



A new mystical item known as shards has begun to show up around the Kingdom. Complete various activities, find unique loot crates and participate in special events to begin to stockpile your shards. Once you have enough of a specific shard, head to the town square and speak to the Shard Keeper to transform your shards into Pokemon. Shard prices are based on the tier of the Pokemon and are not currently transferrable/upgradeable.

Keep an eye out for future updates that will introduce fun new ways to earn additional shards. If you have any suggestions for where we should implement more ways to earn shards let us know down below!


Other new features introduced in this update include the following:
  • New GUIs for ranks, kits, protection help, Pokedex Rewards, VoteParty, economy info and warps.
  • An overhauled server shop with the introduction of many new buyable items.
  • Community Chests have been added at spawn, give back to the new ones :)
  • A Move Relearner has made his home in the town square.
  • Players can now unlock backpacks to store even more goods.
As you may have noticed, we also have a new website, forums and webstore design. Feel free to register an account and start striking up some conversations!

- TheNodeMC Staff Team