Problems with Incenses and related Berries and a potential Fix.


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What's wrong with Incenses?

Well as a Tier 2 Special Drop(Ultra Chests), can't say they are the most common which is not a bad thing per say they become pretty rare when you look at how diluted the rest of the pool is. I don't know if the drops have been touched up or not in the configs so this could be wrong, but the variety of items in this pool are 139. 8 of which are incense. Making this slightly less than a staggering 5.8% to obtain one of the Incense (Pure Incense is the only one that appears in the Poke Chests making it arguably rarer if you're trying to get an Incense from these chests at all.).
Now some of the incense do drop from Pokemon(This is probably be the best way to obtain the following 5 incense.).

Lax Incense-
Slaking 5% (Ultra Rare, Jungle)
Odd Incense-
Claydol 5% (Ultra Rare, Arid)
Victini 50% (0.4 Rarity, Savanna)
Indeedee 5% (Rare, Birches)
Rock Incense-
Aerodactyl 5% (Boss spawn?)
Lunatone 50% (Very Rare, Mesa Plataeu F/The End)
Solrock 50% (Ultra Rare, Mesa Plataeu F/Ultra Deep Sea/Arid; Very Rare, The End)
Regirock 50% (3 Rarity, Mesa ≤50y)
Roggenrola 5% (Common, Mesa/Savanna M/Savanna Plataeu M/Ultra Deep Sea)
Rose Incense-
Florges 5% (Ultra Rare, Flower Forest/Sunflower Plains)
Wave Incense-
Floatzel 50% (Ultra Rare, Gravel River/River/Stone Beach)
Seaking 50% (Uncommon(Super Rod), Forests/River/Swamps)

What's wrong with Infuser Berries?

So with the previous drop rate as scene above, 5 of the 9 Incense can be obtained from battles alone. 3 of which at a relatively reasonable rate, if not, extremely common rate. While the other 2 are an arduous grindfest. So what about the remaining 4. Let me introduce to you the Infuser. The work station you will most likely never use. Not cause there are other ways of obtaining incenses, but because you will never Forage enough of the required berry to ever make one.
The following are the berries needed to infuse an Incense Burner (All of them require 3 of the same berry to infuse.):
Durin = Full Incense
Cornn = Lax Incense
= Luck Incense
= Odd Incense
= Pure Incense
= Rock Incense
= Rose Incense
= Sea Incense
= Wave Incense

Foraging? Yep that Move Skill you never use in the upper right corner of your screen. That is the singular way you obtain these berries. They do not naturally spawn! Now from limited testing the odds of Forage actually finding you something seems to be around 10%, maybe lower. Then its a coin flip whether its a pokemon encounter or an item. Did you know the loot pool for Foraging acts different from the Poke/Ultra Chests? The loot pools are weighted, making them even worse. I'll tell you now, if you are attempting to forage for these berries. Do it in The End.

Example: Forest's Forage Loot total weight = 3910, 135 of that weight are those 9 berries. That means with all odds incorporated. Finding any one of these 9 berries through Foraging attempts is a 0.17% chance. on a 25 second cooldown.

The End's Forage Loot total weight = 1580, 135 of that weight are those 9 berries. That means with all odds incorporated. Finding any one of these 9 berries through Foraging attempts is a 0.48% chance. on a 25 second cooldown. Still Terrible, but an improvement.

Also, these berries CAN NOT be planted. So you can't rest easy after finally obtaining one. You'll have to continue foraging if you want more.

My Fix to this Problem.
Introduce a Berry Kit that appears with the Special Kits (Have it contain a Berry Box and a Unique Berry Box)
A Berry Box would contain 8-10 random berries from the Restorative, Type-reducing, Pinch, and Damage berry types.
A Unique Berry Box would contain 2-3 random berries from the EV-reducing and Infuser types

This obviously fixes the insanity that is Foraging for the 9 Infuser berries, whilst giving players some extra berries they can use.

What kind of fix do you have in mind for this issue?


I would like to comment on another way you can get all the incenses for, and it can even be a completely unintentional way; Pickup. Running a Pickup Pokemon gives you a 10% chance to get loot (it uses the Pokeloot tables, and it accesses different tiers of loot based on it's level, more details here; Special drops - Pixelmon Wiki), and since it is the Pokeloot table, all 9 Incense are available to get - all you need is a Pickup Pokemon at level 51 or higher (which is extremely easy thanks to the abundance of rare candies and the availability of /warp training), and to farm pokemon (again, easy to do with /warp training!) until you get the incenses you desire.

Granted, this is still time consuming, and has relatively low probabilities - but this is another method of obtaining the Incenses.

Jumping to the end, while a kit for the individual infuser berries is nice, there's not many other berries that players are likely to use that aren't easy enough to find (especially in the mining world). Lum Berries and the healing berries can all be found or grown. Same with all the berries that can be used for infusing to make the Pokedrugs (Ie; HP Up, Protein, Zinc, etc). Most of the unobtainable or unfarmable berries have very limited use, or are reskins of existing berries. The additional berries I could see being added are the Kee, Maranga and maybe the Eggant and Ginema berries.