Drawing in tournaments


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After todays random team tourney, when I drew against DarkPkmnMaster, I went onto showdown to check whether what happened was supposed to and whether it should have been a win for either person.
how it works.PNG

As you can see from this screenshot, '3upSheff' wins the battle, you can see the teams in the top of the chat in blue text so you can tell who had which pokemon. I am just pointing this out now because if there is something like an AG tournament where destiny bond would be allowed and it ended up in the situation how it was earlier, resulting in a draw - then it just leads to an unrealistic rematch where both players are now aware of not only the pokemon that are in the teams but also some of their moves and of course what their switch ins will probably be, which just leads to a bit of a scuffed battle, so by suggesting this now - before a tournament occurs where it is allowed it can be made aware of and hopefully changed/fixed :) thanks.


Just to clarify, is the issue here with Destiny Bonds? Are you suggesting they should be disallowed from tournaments in general?


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I think I misworded my thread a little bit last night, but yes I think that it's an issue with destiny bond, you can ignore what I was saying about tournament formats. The move on showdown - if used by the last pokemon on a team and is killed in the same turn by the last pokemon on the opposing players team, causes the player who used destiny bond to lose, because their mon died first - regardless of the fact that destiny bond kills the opponents last pokemon, which is what the screenshot shows. I am suggesting that for the rare scenario where what happened happens again, it be fixed - of course one way of doing that would be to just entirely disallow the move, but in whatever format it is the move will likely be usable and so it is up to you :)