Adjusting homes for donors


Relevant Server: Picklemon

Suggestion: Adjust the number of homes for certain donor ranks.

Description: Alright so as you know, through in-game purchases, you can get up to 6 homes by getting to General. While I agree this is a nice fair amount, it also has a few limitations(for lack of a better term) when it comes to donor ranks, as you know Trainer and Ace get 4 and 6 homes respectively, again a fair amount. But this is where the issue comes into play, if you purchase Trainer and currently are General you forfeit the extra 2 homes from General, essentially needing you to delete some homes before you can even teleport back to them. What I suggest is bumping up the number of homes for Trainer and Ace so that they're less comparable to what we have in-game. This way when you put money into the server you're not losing out on home's that you spent real money on compared to buying extra homes in-game. Ultimately, I feel Trainer could be bumped up to either 6-8 homes and Ace to 8-10. Yes, this would mean that Elite and potentially Champion would need their homes reworking too but I feel this will be a nice change and hopefully one that could benefit the whole community. Thanks!