Fishing log completion reward


I'm sure we can work something out! The original intent was to have something similar to the Dex rewards, but alas, plugin limitations.

A prefix is certainly doable, however.


P.S I have it on good authority that we may be revolutionizing the whole fishing aspect on the server. So watch this space!


Heres some additional ideas on things that could have rewards upon completion:

-Completing all quests (on /quests)
Reward ideas: hard cash money (cuz holy fuck the amount of time youd have to spend on that is absurd), prefix, idk
-Completing dex (rn its bugged and doesnt show u have 100%)
Reward ideas: prefix, idk
-Completing shiney dex ( ;) )
Reward ideas: also prefix, leggy key?, idk
-Collecting all alcremies?
Reward ideas: prefix, money, idk
-Collecting all vivillons?
Reward ideas: prefixxxx, munie, idk
-Collecting all server texture mons
Reward ideas: prefix (bro why do i want prefixes for all of these), munie?, Idk
-Will add more if i think of more
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A lot of these would/ can only be manually verified. Which will be arduous/ time consuming and really not feasible.