Accepted Battle Tower Reward

This suggestion was accepted and has been implemented on the server.
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I've been doing the Battle Tower for quite awhile now, and have even managed to beat it several times. With this, I feel the actual reward for beating it isn't satisfying or rewarding enough. The reward being a global message saying you beat it just doesn't feel as good the umpteenth time.

Now, this isn't me wanting to be pandered to but rather a suggestion so more people are motivated to try and climb the tower. The answer that is always given for "what do you get for beating the tower" is "nothing". You really don't get anything that is evidence of you conquering the tower (and it is honestly damn hard, I can only clear once every couple days usually because i have to rely purely on rng). Something simple as a prefix, or even just extra BP for completion would be more than enough. Something to actually make you feel like you beat the tower, rather than just beating the trainers at the top.

The next thing I would, at least, like to address is that the prices for the battle tower shop are a little weird in some aspects. Personally, I don't care so much because a lot of it I don't want but; some things aren't very inviting or cost efficient per BP. A few examples of this are bottlecaps, keys, and other rng boxes. I am more than happy to help with this as I have the most experience with BT and feel I have a good grasp on what would be reasonable.

Watty put a ton of time/effort into Battle Tower and got so much shit for it, so it was sort of an abandoned project. I completely understand why (sucks to work so hard at something to be shat on, i'm sorry i was so annoying), but I wanted to address some of these things because it's content a lot of players are missing out on (purely because they are turned off by some simpler things.)

I would love to see more people struggling, ripping their hair out, and having fun trying to climb BT. It is a gold mine of content for problem solving and theory-crafting teams. It would be so cool to see people working together and actually participating in content that isn't so appreciated as of right now.


Reward prices have been significantly reduced. Thank you for your continued efforts and suggestions in bettering the community.
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