Player Pokemon League


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Player Gyms:
With the amount of players we have now I see no way to get a full 8 gyms plus an elite four however that doesn't mean we can't make the most of the players who are interested now.
The player should have at least 12 hours playtime and be on for 12.5 hours each week. Breed your team before applying, and make sure that the members of the team conform to natdex rules. Anyone that wishes to be a gym leader please post your in game name in this thread and send me your team built in showdown through discord.
Current Leaders:
I'll be keeping a running list on this forum post of who will be the leader for each type, and then start establishing an order in which the gyms should be battled as more people sign up. For the most part, the rules and constraints are not set in stone and I'm open to suggestions, thanks for reading!

Bug Gym: RatherHorrifying

Fairy Gym: PeterMerits

Steel Gym: Aejiz
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