Pixelmon A Pre-Winter Recap...


Oh, hi there! It's been a while since we've posted on our website, so it's about time for a quick recap of some notable moments around TheNodeMC in the past few months! (If you want more timely updates, we post regularly in our #news channel on Discord! Make sure you join to keep informed!)

Let's get started, because its a long one... Starting in July!

━ Fourth of July ━

While you might have celebrated with fireworks and cookouts, we celebrated the Fourth of July in Minecraft with a Community Goal and 20% off sale! Every time a player made a purchase on our store and helped fill the bar to 100% a special event happened on the server! (You had to have been there...)

━ Skills Update ━

We made some changes to our skills system recently including 7 new skills for you to play with and level up, a rework of leveling all skills (mostly making them easier to level), a reduction in the required level to use the abilities of skills and the introduction of new abilities.

We are still working through some issues with the skills, namely boosters not properly applying to your experience. Once we have more information on a fix for these issues we'll be sure to let you know!

━ The Safari Zone ━

Introducing the Safari Zone! Accessed using /warp safari, players have 30 minutes to catch as many Pokémon as they can to earn Safari Points (SP). The rarity of the Pokémon you catch determines how many points you get, and they can be exchanged at the Safari Shop for special perks to help you on your adventure (Coming Soon)!

In the Safari Zone, you don't have any of your normal perks that you might have in the overworld (ie. /fly, /speed, etc.) as these are all separate purchasable upgrades for each Safari visit.

Also, make sure you try and find all the secret areas around the Safari- rumor has it, you can get some awesome rewards from them! Speak to the receptionist upon beginning to purchase more Safari balls and perks to help enhance and improve your adventure!

━ Halloween Event ━

As my favorite holiday (right next to Christmas of course), Halloween was a huge celebration over on TheNodeMC Pixelmon! We celebrated which some ghastly events including a Spooky Cauldron Hunt, TWO scavenger hunts, some Halloween Quests, a Ghost Ship Adventure, Custom Textured Haunted Pokemon, a pumpkin-palooza, Haunted Legend Nuke, and even themed minigames including Slimey Spleef! It was truly a haunting for the ages, and if you missed out you'll have to be sure to stick around for our future events!

━ Tournaments ━

We held a few exciting Pixelmon tournaments with real-world money prizes! Each tournament follows its own theme/set of rules, and signup threads are posted on our Server Events & Activities section of our forums. Keep an eye out for future tournaments!

Congratulations to all the winners:

July 4th - Theme: National Dex
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - kirpi2011
🥉 3rd Place - Peazgood

August 1st - Theme: Gen 8 PU
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - qRah
🥉 3rd & 4th Place - RatherHorrifying / Kreetoo

September 5th - Theme: Gen 8 OU
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - ThanosUndertale
🥉 3rd & 4th Place - Peazgood / AWaterBubble

October 3rd - Theme: Gen 8 OU
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - qRah
🥉 3rd - moose_limbs​

Also a special congratulations to our Special Prize winners, who were randomly selected from Tournament participants and won some custom textured Pokemon!: AWaterBubble, ThanosUndertale, SassGod, SwiftlyDoesIt, Shadow_Flamer, Button_King, RatherHorrifying, and DartPokeMM

━ Crazy Constructions ━

Another special event we host regularly is Crazy Constructions! Also referred to as "CC" for short, Crazy Constructions is a building contest where all participants are given a theme and a timeframe to complete a build in Creative Mode. Our judges pick the top 3 builds from the event to receive special prizes!

Congratulations to all our recent winners:

July 3rd - Theme: Video Games
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - Syren
🥉 3rd Place - Krooky
Honorable Mentions - Kreetoo, Canadian_Maple, Sassgod

July 24th - Theme: Theme Parks
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - AnonymouseShade
🥉 3rd Place - Kreetoo
Honorable Mentions - NecroTheAwkward, Akaiis

August 14th - Theme: Summer Party
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - CheeseyDolphin
🥉 3rd Place - Akaiis, NecroTheAwkward

September 11th - Theme: Medieval
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - CheeseyDolphin
🥉 3rd Place - LilCuteKitty
Honorable Mention - GeminiPanda

October 17th - Theme: Halloween
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - Krooky
🥉 3rd Place - The_Red_Sheep_97
Honorable Mentions - Caius_Hart, Bomoon

━ Monthly Top Voters ━

Thank you to everyone who logs in everyday to play on the server and a special thank you to those of you that go above and beyond and vote for us each day! Voting helps our community grow and reach the eyes of new players so do it every day if you can! We are pleased to have the totals in for the top voters of each month. The top 3 voters at the end of each month will earn a $25 Gift Card that can be used on our webstore! Congrats to the following players for placing Top 3 in the past few months:

🥇 1st Place -
246 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 239 votes cast by Varklix
🥉 3rd Place - 236 votes cast by RemiFur & The_Red_Sheep_97

🥇 1st Place -
246 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 241 votes cast by gamerskylord
🥉 3rd Place - 238 votes cast by RemiFur

🥇 1st Place -
239 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 237 votes cast by The_Red_Sheep_97
🥉 3rd Place - 227 votes cast by RemiFur

🥇 1st Place -
244 votes cast by The_Red_Sheep_97
🥈 2nd Place - 242 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥉 3rd Place - 234 votes cast by GeminiPanda

November's top voters will be announced soon alongside the launch of our upcoming Festive Event so keep an eye out for that shortly!​

...aaaaaand I think that covers it all! Stay tuned for more updates, and as mentioned before if you want more timely updates we post regularly in our #news channel on Discord! Make sure you join to keep informed!

- TheNodeMC Staff Team