Pixelmon Wintertide Festival | Holiday Sale | Christmas Quests & more!


━ Holiday Sale ━

Happy Holidays! Enjoy 20% Off all ranks, item sets, claim blocks, and mods, and 10% Off all non-event keys and eggs at our Store! In the shop you will also find a few new items only available during this event, including the Festive Egg, Festive Key, as well as the return of the Grinch Kit and Santa Kit! The Festive Egg and Festive Crate combined have 22 uniquely skinned Pokémon to spread holiday cheer so be sure to check them out!

Act quick, because the sale ends Sunday January 7th at 11:59pm EST!

━ A Holly Jolly Extraction (Battle Quest)━

Santa has brought his Holiday Village to Nodenia! However, on one of his rounds delivering presents the Grinch took down his sleigh and is keeping him captive to ruin the holidays! We need your help to find Santa and free him to save Christmas!

Speak to Santa's daughter Sophie Clause in the Holiday Village at /spawn to start this battle quest- just follow the signs or /warp holiday to get there!

━ Watty's Wonderful Scavenger Hunt ━

That's right, its everyone's favorite again- a Scavenger hunt! Can you solve all the riddles and win a special surprise including a rare custom textured Festive Pokemon- Festive Poliwrath!

Watty can give you your first clue in the gazebo in the Holiday Village at /warp holiday! Keep in mind, this time around you're not just looking for signs!

━ Naughty or Nice ━

Have you been Naughty or Nice this year?

Figure out how to shrink yourself down and visit dewynose's snowglobe in the Holiday Village to check Santa's list and receive a FREE prefix of either [Naughty] or [Nice]!

━ Pr3ds Present Predicament ━

Oh no! Pr3d's sack had a hole in it and he lost his presents all over spawn! Can you find them all and complete the collection? You'll earn a festive surprise including (another!) rare textured Festive Pokemon- Festive Pachirisu!

The first one is located right in front of /spawn as usual so head over there to get started on your present hunt!

━ Sass's Snowy Spawns ━

For the duration of the event you may encounter some Festive Pokemon out in the wild! Collect all 11 and show off to all your friends! You can view the whole collection at /festive!

The whole collection of naturally-spawning Festive Pokemon includes Diglett, Krabby, Hoppip, Skiploom, Mareep, Applin, Poliwag, Sentret, Furret, Sableye, and Tangela!

━ Advent Calendar ━

Only 1 week left to claim your daily Advent Calendar rewards using /advent! You can ONLY claim each reward on the day it unlocks, with each days reward automatically unlocking at Midnight EST every night!

Make sure you don't miss out on claiming these every day, as there are some surprises mixed in you won't want to miss out on! ;)

━ Crazy Constructions ━

If you're not familiar, Crazy Constructions is a building contest where all participants are given a theme and a timeframe to complete a build in Creative Mode. Our staff judges pick the top 3 builds from the event to receive special prizes, based on theming and block requirements!

Congratulations to our recent winners:

November 28th - Theme: Snowglobe
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - RatherHorrifying
🥉 3rd Place - Aejiz
Honorable Mentions - Akaiis

━ Monthly Top Voters ━

Thank you to everyone who logs in everyday to play on the server and a special thank you to those of you that go above and beyond and vote for us each day! Voting helps our community grow and reach the eyes of new players so do it every day if you can! We are pleased to have the totals in for the top voters of each month. The top 3 voters at the end of each month will earn a $25 Gift Card that can be used on our webstore! Congrats to the following players for placing Top 3 last month:

🥇 1st Place -
237 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 228 votes cast by The_Red_Sheep_97
🥉 3rd Place - 227 votes cast by Akaiis​

Happy Holidays from all of us here at TheNodeMC, and as mentioned before make sure you join us on Discord to keep up to date on all our latest news! Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Nodeiversary event- the 8-year anniversary of our original opening date!

- TheNodeMC Staff Team