Pixelmon Lovestruck Event | Valentines Day Sale


━ Valentines Day Sale ━

Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy 20% Off all ranks, item sets, claim blocks, and mods, and 10% Off all non-event keys and eggs at our Store! In the shop you will also find a few new items only available during this event, including the Lovestruck Egg and Valentines Crate Key! The Egg and Crate combined have 24 lovely uniquely skinned Pokémon so be sure to check them out! (And claim your FREE KEY from the store!)

Act quick, because the sale ends Monday February 21st at 12:00pm EST!

━ A Queens Quarrel (Battle Quest)━

A rift has opened in Wonderland and brought the Queen of Hearts to Nodenia! You must work together to stop her from casting her spell on the citizens of the Kingdom! Your task is to defeat her minions guarding her throne and bring her down before she locks the citizens in her love trance. You'll be rewarded with 3 Lovestruck Eggs, 3 Valentines Crate Keys, and a Lovestruck Vaporeon!

To get to the Queens Castle, enter the portal in the Love Shack by the Market, or /warp valentines!

━ Cupid's Matchmaker ━

Ever wondered who your soulmate is on TheNodeMC?

Find Cupid hiding somewhere in the Queens Castle and have him find your match (a random player currently online) and you'll both receive a Valentines Crate Key and FREE prefix to show your love for each other, and you'll earn yourself a Lovestruck Purrloin!

━ Heart Hunt ━

Ever wanted to collect the hearts of your lovers? ....oh. Yeah, me neither. But wouldn't you like to for some sweet prizes?! Find all 30 hidden heart heads around spawn to win some awesome rewards including a Lovestruck Lopunny!

The first one is located right in front of /spawn as usual so head over there to get started on your present hunt!

━ Sweet(heart) Spawns ━

For the duration of the event you may encounter some pink form Valentines Pokemon out in the wild! Collect all 8 and show off to all your friends! You can view the whole collection at /lovestruck!

The whole collection of naturally-spawning Valentines Pokemon includes Beedrill, Butterfree, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Venomoth, and Venonat! (Veteran players may recognize these as last years event Pokemon)

━ Crazy Constructions ━

If you're not familiar, Crazy Constructions is a building contest where all participants are given a theme and a timeframe to complete a build in Creative Mode. Our staff judges pick the top 3 builds from the event to receive special prizes, based on theming and block requirements!

Congratulations to our recent winners:

January 15th - Theme: Fantasy
🥇 1st Place -
🥈 2nd Place - calaedw
🥉 3rd Place - ayzyayre74
Honorable Mention - Akaiis

━ Monthly Top Voters ━

Thank you to everyone who logs in everyday to play on the server and a special thank you to those of you that go above and beyond and vote for us each day! Voting helps our community grow and reach the eyes of new players so do it every day if you can! We are pleased to have the totals in for the top voters of each month. The top 3 voters at the end of each month will earn a $25 Gift Card that can be used on our webstore! Congrats to the following players for placing Top 3 in December and January:

🥇 1st Place -
245 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 239 votes cast by RemiFur
🥉 3rd Place - 238 votes cast by The_Red_Sheep_97

🥇 1st Place -
242 votes cast by Caius_Hart
🥈 2nd Place - 236 votes cast by The_Red_Sheep_97
🥉 3rd Place - 220 votes cast by Akaiis and ITS420​

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more updates, and as mentioned before if you want more timely updates we post regularly in our #news channel on Discord! Make sure you join to keep informed!

- TheNodeMC Staff Team
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