Interested in server tournaments? Seeking input!



Greetings Pokémon Trainers!

TheNodeMC staff is looking for YOUR opinions on what you’d like to see for server-held tournaments!

Please leave as much detail as possible! Historically, the server has held Smogon-tier tournaments with some modifications. While there is a possibility that this may be repeated, we’d like your input on the matter!

Now’s your chance to have a say!
What did you LIKE? What did you DISLIKE? What do you want to see DIFFERENTLY?

Please note: Staff are still a ways away from getting tournaments up and running, please understand it may take some time. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

As always, when making posts, please be respectful and abide by server rules.

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Tournaments were great and should defo come back. But I think the players that enter the tournaments should be able to decide on which tier it should be. A lot of people didn't play in tournaments because they didn't like the tier therefore allowing the player base to vote on a tier would likely result in more people participating in them. Also being a certified chad I would like to receive rewards for multiple time winnings as I would like to flex how many I have won. free sheff g get my homie out the pen!


I agree with the players picking the tier. This would be infinitely times better than what it used to be. Preparing for tournaments was really 90% of the server economy back when they were still hosted, so having the players able to pick the tier would help both battlers and breeders. What I’d like to see come back from the way tournaments were hosted is the 2-week buffer between announcement of the tier and the tournament date. I also believe that people should have the ability to win multiple times, but maybe not consecutively. Giving other players a chance at winning tournaments rather than having the same one or two people winning every single time would be much better in my opinion. Winning multiple times should be an accomplishment that calls for a deserving award. A reward system like the rank system might be a good way of doing this. A new reward for each win would be a wonderful addition to the tournament system.