Staff Response Backpacks hotfix

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Gonna actually keep this one short:

In short, backpacks reset the positions of items when players close and re-open them(shoving them all to the top left corner of the backpack as much as they can)

While I do not know the capabilities of the plugin, I just wanted to make it known / ask if it had the possibility to be fixed?* And if so, could it be added to the "to-do list"

* Fixed as in make backpacks function like a normal chest, allowing it to save the positioning of items when closed & re-opened

Thank you for reading!

- Tanner


So as it currently stands, the plugin we are using simply doesn't have the option to remember the position of items. We looked into what the plugin does and it just saves a list of what's in the backpack, but it never mentions a slot #. It has been suggested to the dev of the plugin but we have no definite answer on whether it will be added or not.