Pixelmon Quests Winners | February Voters | St. Patrick's Day & more!


━ Quests Contest Winners ━

Wow, do you y'all know how to grind. Never in a million years did we imagine people would be able to mine 700,000+ cobblestone in one day or battle over 1000+ pokemon in a single day, but you guys proved us wrong. We are glad to see people were able to complete so many quests and even figured out ways to use teamwork to go even further than expected! The feedback and bug fixes we were able to take care of by the mass amounts of you completing the quests helped us tremendously and we are so glad everyone is enjoying them. Now that the dust has settled and the quest completers have had the chance to relax a bit I am pleased to announce the winners of the competition based on total number of quests completed.

🥇 1st/2nd Place - A tie, Txnner and Miiilo with 87 quests each 🥇

🥉3rd Place - Caius_Hart with 81 Quests 🥉

Congrats to the winners, we hope everyone enjoyed this competition, we hope to be able to provide more content like it in the future for you all to participate in!

━ NodeSMP ━


If you haven't already noticed yet, we've introduced a new server to our network known as NodeSMP. Currently the server isn't much more than a Towny Survival server but we have a tons of plans to add to it. Currently the server is in a beta period as we test new features to see what sticks best with the player base. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be playing with different ideas to craft the ultimate Minecraft experience for you to enjoy. The server accepts players from any Minecraft version of 1.9-1.16.5 in addition to any bedrock players on Xbox/PS4/Switch/Pocket Edition etc. Though we recommend running Java 1.16.5 for the best possible experience.

━ February Top Voters ━

Thank you to everyone who logs in everyday to play on the server and a special thank you to those of you that go above and beyond and vote for us each day! Voting helps our community grow and reach the eyes of new perspective players so do it every day if you can! Continuing the voting incentive that started in January, we are pleased to have the totals in for the top voters of February. The top 3 voters at the end of each month will earn a $25 Gift card that can be used on our webstore! Congrats to the following players for winning this month: Txnner with 180 votes, Caius_Hart with 179 votes, and Nintendo_Dragon with 176 votes! As you can see it was a close race, so make sure to vote everyday.


━ St. Patrick's Day ━


The pot of gold is right around the corner! St. Patrick's Day is almost here and we are excited to say that we have a ton of fun planned for the week it falls in. We can't say much yet but think of the Valentine's Day festivities but with even more stuff to do. Players will have the opportunity to obtain unique collectibles, participate in new events and have an overall great time. The event will start on Tuesday the 16th and go through Sunday the 21st, we look forward to seeing everyone have a great time!

May the luck of the Irish be with you! ;)

━ Other Major Features Added in February

Other new features introduced in this update include the following:
  • The Nodenia Inn and Games Hall opened, check them out with /warp inn or /warp games.
  • Player Warps were introduced, they can be obtained from the token shop and events.
  • A brand new lobby and parkour experience.
  • A friends and party system was introduced, including the much requested party chat.
  • The Battletower opened, are you up for the challenge?
  • An old fisherman arrived at the docks, he is willing to appraise rods once every 6 hours.
  • A move tutor has moved into spawn and is willing to teach you new moves for a price.

━ Planned Features for March ━

Some of the new features we plan to implement during March include:

  • The Raids Rework
  • Introduction of NPC Gyms
  • A Daycare System Overhaul
  • A new Auras system
  • New Events
We hope the new website has been treating you well. Feel free to register an account and start striking up some conversations if you haven't already! Thanks for your continuing support of The Node ❤️.

- TheNodeMC Staff Team